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Did you know there are over 50 solo or small group feature roles within the cast of Newsies? In many productions, including the original Broadway production, a lot of smaller roles are doubled up to reduce the size of the cast, but with a larger cast, it provides opportunities for everyone to shine, with a wide range of commitment levels.

From lead roles like Jack Kelly and Davey, who appear in over 10 numbers, to Spot Conlon and the Brooklyn Newsies, who don't need to appear until halfway through Act II. Stay tuned over the next few weeks for more character descriptions!

Lead (Jack, Davey, Crutchie, Les) and "core" Newsies can expect to be called for multiple weeknight rehearsals as well as Saturday afternoons from October through December, as they have a lot of music and choreography to learn!

If you want to be part of the show but know you cannot make that level of commitment, it's important for the production team to know that upfront. Audition forms will be made available at least 2 weeks prior to auditions - sit down with your calendar and fill out the form as completely as you can before you come to auditions!

Contact our director, Meg Davis, at with any questions!


Sept 22, 6:30 pm & Sept 23, 1 pm

*Sep 23rd at 10am(non-Dancers only)

*This time slot is for non-dancers only.

If you want to dance, please attend Friday night or Saturday afternoon.

mid-coast presbyterian church

84 Main St Topsham



Please complete an audition form (click here) ahead to bring with you.  A limited number of forms will be available at the auditions. We ask that you give careful consideration to the conflicts section and list all known conflicts - this will aid our production team in providing a detailed schedule as soon as possible. Information regarding the general rehearsal schedule is provided on the form.



Please come prepared to sing a 1-2 minute selection from a song of your choice. *Sing something that you are comfortable singing and know well enough to truly perform.*

An audition song does not need to be a song from the show, though something in a similar style is appreciated. Please bring with sheet music for the accompanist or a karaoke track cued to your starting point. A Bluetooth speaker will be available to connect to so we can hear the music and you. If you have a song in mind and are looking for sheet music, please contact our director, as both she and our music director have extensive sheet music collections and may have what you’re looking for!

Please note - A group audition option will be available at each audition time. No one will be forced to sing alone, but if you want to be considered for a role with vocal solos (most leads and ALL “core newsies”), you must sing a solo audition.


Those choosing to sing in a group audition will not be considered for solo roles.

Two excerpts from the show were taught at the information sessions and sheet music for them will be posted in the discussion section of this event page. These will be used for the group auditions and may also be used for any solo audition.



If you intend to take part in the dance audition, please dress in attire comfortable for dancing. Bring water and appropriate footwear, including tap shoes if you have them.


Dancers (and others) with specialized skills should come prepared to show their best 2 skills to the choreographer and director. Skills we are looking for include, but are not limited to:

-Tumbling (handsprings, tucks, layouts, aerials, combination passes)
-Gymnastics (handstands, hand-walking, splits)
-Leaps and jumps (toe touch, C-jump, pike jump, grand-jete, split leap, firebird jumps)
-Turns (pirouette, fouette)
-Tap (trick steps, advanced “showy” combinations)


Due to time constraints, not all auditioners will be asked to read scenes. The director will only be asking for reading from those we need to see a little more from - if you are asked to read, sides will be provided. Please note that being asked to read or not is NOT indicative of whether you are being considered for a speaking role.


ALL ROLES ARE AVAILABLE (no roles have been or will be “pre-cast”). Most roles are gender-flexible, with the exceptions below.

Jack Kelly: must be male presenting
Davey: must be male presenting
Katherine: must be female presenting
Medda: must be female presenting
Pulitzer: must be male presenting
Gov Roosevelt: must be male presenting
Nuns and Bowery Beauties: must be female presenting

Please reach out to our director, Meg Davis (, with any questions.

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